Game Developer Support Engineer

Game Developer Support Engineer

SF Bay Area [PAID] Confidential VR Company

3D Artist

Anywhere [PAID] Crytivo Games

Procedural Generation Programmer

Anywhere [PAID] Crytivo Games

UX Artist

Anywhere [PAID] Evorlor

Unity C# Developer / Programmer

Baton Rouge, LA / Anywhere [PAID] Iron 27

Stormy Peak Entertainment is recruiting new talent

Anywhere [PAID] Stormy Peak Entertainment, Inc.

[Revenue Share] Unity Coder & AI Programmer

Anywhere Deathmask Studios

Multiple artists for a multiplayer FPS/RTS hybrid (Already in production)

Anywhere Anywhere

Programmers Needed For Tps Project

Anywhere SCOG games

Texture Artist/Modeler Needed For Eventual Paid Position

Anywhere Ascension Entertainment LLC

Kickstarter/Indiegogo Campaign Management Wanted

Anywhere CINK Entertainment

Programmer Gameplay and Xbox port

US Based Hard-Boiled Software

[UE4/Royalty] 2D/3D Positions for We Exist

Anywhere Black Haze Studios

Concept Artist with Humor - Environmental and Character [Royalty]

Anywhere Ratfish Studios

{Royalty} Multiplayer Level Designer

North America, Anywhere Ratfish Studios

[Royalty] Environmental Artist

Anywhere Ratfish Studios

[Rev Share] 3d Artist / Modeler / Animator, Programmer for Indie VR Project

Anywhere Bathos Studios LLC

Props modeler/Experienced Programmer

Remote or Florida usa

Looking for Environment Artist who wants to work with an experienced team

Anywhere AdRadices

Art Inc Studios seeks Multi-Position for Upcoming 3-D First Person Shooter

Anywhere Art Inc Studios

Unity 2d programmer

Anywhere Anywhere

Pixel Artist

Anywhere Anywhere

Artists needed!

Anywhere Anti Eye Craft Gaming™

Animator / Rigger

Anywhere | Skype Demigod Studios

Game Designer

Anywhere | Skype Demigod Studios

Concept Artist

Anywhere | Skype Demigod Studios

Level Designer

Anywhere | Skype Demigod Studios

The Skeletal Army is requesting your skills as a programmer!

Anywhere Anywhere

Game Artist/ Texture Artist

Anywhere NightmareGames

Programmer For Debut Game

Anywhere Skeletal Army

Australian Game Devs

Australia Wandjina Inc.

(CKG) 3D Animator

Anywhere Clockwork Knights

Converter for Empire at war FOC

Anywhere Anywhere

Horror Game C# Programmer for Cup of Tea Games!

Anywhere in the Western Hemisphere Cup of Tea Games

Concept artist for survival game

Firstly Turkey, or anothers. Survivor House

Wanted: Pixel artists/animators for cyberpunk RPG

Anywhere Ninefox Games

Unreal Programmer

Anywhere Masters Student Project at UT Austin

Game testers wanted

Anywhere Anti Eye Craft Gaming™

Designers - Artists - Devs

Distributed Team - Global Cold Furnace Studios

[Rev-Share] German speaking Artists (3D/Concept)

Germany Coffee Peak Games

3D animator

Anywhere Star and serpent

[Webmaster] Wanted for SciFi RTS Alpha

Anywhere (US Time zones Bonus) Secret Reality

[QA Lead] Wanted for SciFi RTS Alpha

Anywhere (US Time zones Bonus) Secret Reality

[UI Specialist] Wanted for Command & Conquer 3 mod Tiberium Secrets Alpha

Anywhere (US Time zones Bonus) Secret Reality

[3D animators] Wanted for SciFi RTS Alpha

Anywhere (US Time zones Bonus) Secret Reality

[XML Scripters] Wanted for SciFi RTS Alpha

Anywhere (US Time zones Bonus) Secret Reality

[Promotional Artists] Wanted for SciFi RTS Alpha

Anywhere (US Time zones Bonus) Secret Reality

[PR managers] Wanted for SCiFi RTS Alpha

Anywhere (US Time zones Bonus) Secret Reality

RPG Unwritten Needs Programmers And Pixel Artists

Anywhere Unwritten Team

[REV-SHARE | Zombie Game] Programmer, Animator, Designer, Artist, Unreal Engine

Anywhere Whitecrisp Studios

3D Model Designer, Concept Artist, Programmers, UI Designer

Anywhere Iron Valkyrie Games

3D Environment Artist

Anywhere Party Llama Games

2D Sprite Artist (Isometric)

Anywhere Beginning indie team

Marketing/Kickstarter Specialist

Anywhere Fiddle Earth Media

[fated] » artists | writers

Anywhere Iorium Studio

In need of Programmers for Unity or Unreal Engine Game

Anywhere Skeletal Army

Level designer Needed

Anywhere Winterstorm Team

Beyond Equilibrium LEVEL DESIGNER

Anywhere Revelations Studios

2D Artist/Spriter

Anywhere Vulgaris Studios

Animator, Lead artist, Pixel art, sprites

Anywhere Anywhere

3D Modelers

Anywhere Dormant Studios

Pokemon fangame looking for ANIMATORS!

Anywhere Anywhere

Fantastical Productions looking for Level Designers!

Anywhere Fantastical Productions

Asset creator / modeler

Anywhere Sigma Eminar

Concept Artist

Anywhere Winterstorm Team

Programmer Unity 3D Needed

Anywhere Winterstorm Team

[Rev-Share] Artist Wanted for Mobile Puzzle Game

Anywhere Seaborn Games

3D Artist Map

Anywhere Winterstorm Team

Programmer(Ai,Scipted events)

Anywhere ShogunWolfGames

Unreal Engine 4 Blueprint expert

Anywhere DevOps Software

Looking for Programmers (Unity/C#/JavaScript)

Anywhere Bassetune Studios

Looking for Artists, Programmers, a Level Designer

Anywhere Fantastical Productions

Looking for 2D Artists on Profit Sharing Basis for Mobile Game

Anywhere Zeta LLP

Voice Actors wanted for HL2 joke mod

Anywhere Nautical Ninjas

4 years experience Programmers

Anywhere Anywhere

3D Artist / Partner in Crime for HORROR ideas

Anywhere Anywhere

Sprite Artists Needed

Anywhere Drean Scape

Level Design Needed

Anywhere Dream Scape

Trinity Era is Recruiting

Anywhere Anywhere

Beyond Equilibrium C# PROGRAMMER

Anywhere Revelations Studios

EF is Recuiting Modelers

Anywhere Bloody Mech Studios

Texture Artist wanted for SciFi RTS Alpha

Anywhere (US Time zones Bonus) Secret Reality

In need of 3D Modelers and level designers for Unity

Anywhere (English only) Skeletal Army

Level Designers, Programmers, Artists for Cryengine V

Anywhere Casevac Studios

Artist needed for pinball game (profit share)

Anywhere Anywhere

[BR/PT] Programador Blueprint Networking para Game MultiPlayer

Anywhere ArTDsL Games

Art Project

USA Anywhere

3D Texture Artist for Horror Game at Cup of Tea Games

Anywhere in the Western Hemisphere Cup of Tea Games

Character Designer/Animator

USA WGames Studio

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